2nd call of the SOR4D programme: eight projects selected

Eight transdisciplinary research projects were selected for funding in the second call of the SOR4D programme, for a total amount of CHF 7.5 million.

The SOR4D is a joint funding scheme of the SDC and the SNSF. It promotes new approaches and different dynamics in transdisciplinary research among researchers and development actors, thereby advancing development. The programme aims at generating solutions, innovations and better knowledge to foster sustainable development and reduce poverty in the least developed and low- and middle-income countries.

The second call of the programme has been succesfully completed and 8 transdisciplinary research projects will be funded with 7.5 million francs in total. The evaluation consisted of two phases: in a first meeting in May 2023, the SOR4D review panel invited 21 of the 95 submitted pre-proposals to submit a full proposal. In the second meeting in November 2023, the review panel, on the basis of assessments from external reviewers, evaluated the 20 submitted full proposals and recommended eight for funding. The SNSF Research Council and its Presiding Board approved this selection in December 2023.

SOR4D projects are thematically open but must contribute directly to the objectives of sustainable development. The selected projects cover a wide array of disciplines: from law to sociology; business economics to forestry and agricultural sciences; and political science to environmental sciences. The eight projects will start their activities in spring.

In addition to promoting cooperation between researchers in Switzerland and in developing countries, the SOR4D programme enables the research community to work hand in hand with practitioners, policymakers and end users on the ground. The local development actors form an integral part of the project consortium. With this approach, the programme not only ensures dissemination of research results, but also their direct application and pilot testing in view of future upscaling.